Uttarakhand High Court directs the state government to submit report on health infrastructure preparedness for Haridwar Kumbh!

It shows the extent of the government’s apathy, when the high court has to ask for such reports!

Nainital (Uttarakhand) – On the backdrop of corona pandemic and the ongoing Kumbh festival this year the honourable High Court of Uttarakhand has, through the district court at Haridwar, directed the state government’s department of health to submit all relevant information regarding its preparedness to handle health hazards while assessing the number of hospital beds, ventilator systems, intensive care units on by or before the 21st February, 2021. The court wants to assess the ground realities. (This indicates that the judiciary does not trust the government or the administration – Editor) 

A PIL was filed in the court which highlighted the appalling state of hospitals and covid centres in the state. The court directed the government to submit this report while attending to the petition.