To qualify for pension next year, submit your ‘Life certificate’ to the banks in November 2020

Pension is paid every month to Government and non-Government employees after retirement. To qualify for pension, people have to submit a ‘Life certificate’ in November every year to banks which are paying their pension; only then they continue to receive their pension the next year.

Information on getting a ‘Life certificate’ is reproduced ahead.

1. ‘Life certificate’ can be issued by any branch of the concerned bank

For this purpose, it is not necessary to visit the branch of the bank in which the account was initially opened. A digital ‘Life certificate’ can be issued by presenting papers (as given ahead) to the bank branch at the pensioner’s place of residence. (For example, if a pensioner had opened his account in a bank that has a branch in Thane and he is now staying in New Delhi, he can submit the ‘Life certificate’ through a branch of the bank in New Delhi too.)

2. Documents required

A. Original and xerox copy of Aadhaar card
B. Passbook of the account in which pension is being credited
C. Pension Payment Order (PPO) number
Later, officers of the bank will conduct the process as given ahead to issue a certificate to the pensioner.
D. While visiting the bank, the pensioner should carry the mobile which is registered for the Aadhaar card, so that the One Time Password (OTP) that is sent to the mobile can be submitted to the bank immediately.
The digital ‘Life certificate’ is prepared on the computer, and is forwarded to the organisation which is responsible for paying the pension. A copy of this is also given to the pensioner, which he/she should retain.

3. It is obligatory to submit the ‘Life certificate’ in November

For more information on this topic or clarification of doubts (if any), please visit – or contact the concerned bank branch.

Some establishments that pay pension to some Government employees are not equipped to accept the ‘Digital Life Certificate’. Therefore, such pensioners need a certificate duly signed by the bank officer as per the earlier practice. For this, submit the above documents to the local branch of the concerned bank and initiate the further process.