Jammu & Kashmir administration annuls Roshni Act

Religious fanatics used the ‘Roshni Act’ to encroach upon the lands of Hindus

This is a welcome decision by the administration, it should also punish the tormentors of Hindus.

Srinagar (J&K) – The Jammu & Kashmir High Court handed over the ‘Roshni’ land scam matter to CBI for investigation.

Now, all registrations of land carried out by the Jammu & Kashmir administration will stand canceled. The administration will acquire all such land in the next six months. The plan was to encroach the Government land, then apply to the State Government to regularise and transfer it in the name of illegal occupier. Religious fanatics in Kashmir had encroached upon thousands of hectors of land and possessed it illegally. The conspiracy was to declare Hindus as a minority community. This scam is disbanded now.