A trivial row leads to an attack on Hindus by religious fanatics : 1 dead

The Police arrest more than 12 religious fanatics

The Uttar Pradesh Government is incapable of maintaining law and order in the State. The religious fanatics attack Hindus often. The Government must take stern action and put all religious fanatics with criminal tendencies in the prison. This precautionary measure should be made mandatory.

Firozabad (U.P.) – A trifle dispute resulted in firing by the religious fanatics killing a Hindu youth, Amit Gupta. These fanatics started stone-pelting and injured many citizens. Police arrested more than 12 religious fanatics.

On 27th October, Rizwan, a bangle salesperson clashed with an auto-rickshaw driver over a few broken bangles,  Later in the night, Rizwan came to the spot with 25 associates and opened fire. They resorted to stone-pelting and hurled petrol bombs. (How these people can get the petrol bombs at such short notice ? This means that they are always ready with weapons and the arsenal for riots and attacks. – Editor) Sanjay Gupta was injured in the firing. His son rushed to save him, a bullet hit and injured him also. Amit Gupta reached the spot, took a bullet hit, and died on the spot. The next day, the merchants in the market observed a  complete shutdown in protest of the incident.