A dispute over volume of DJ resulted in an attack by religious fanatics on a Hindu family – One dead

  • The religious fanatics attack Hindus under frivolous pretexts and the pseudo-secular keep silent about it.
  • Day by day, the religious fanatics are getting aggressive and do not fear to indulge in any activity.  It is evident from this incident. Hindus must protect themselves by undergoing self-defence training.

New Delhi – Abdul Sattar staying at Mahendra Prak in Delhi was playing a DJ at a very high volume. The neighbours were disturbed. His neighbour Susheel objected to the high volume and requested them to reduce it. This enraged the Sattar family and his 4 sons attacked the family of Susheel with weapons. Susheel succumbed to the injuries and the other two were injured. The Police   admitted them to the hospital. The Police registered a complaint against Abdul Sattar and his four sons. The Police arrested three of them. Since this may lead to a religious tension;  the Police force is keeping the vigil.