Dr. Zakir Naik’s ‘Peace TV’ fined Rs 2 crore 75 lakh in the UK for spreading communal hatred

London (UK) – Dr. Zakir Naik is the role model of terrorists. His ‘Peace TV’ and ‘Peace TV Urdu’ television channels have been fined equivalent of Rs 2.75 crore in Britain for inciting to murder by spreading hatred. The fine is imposed by Ofcom, a British Government’s watchdog.

According to a statement from Ofcom, ‘Peace TV Urdu’ is fined 2 lakh and ‘Peace TV’ is fined 1 lakh British Pounds respectively. The programmes shown on these channels were objectionable. It was noticed that people were incited to commit crimes.

Ofcom has cancelled the licence given to ‘Peace TV Urdu’ in November 2019. Currently, both ‘Peace TV’ and ‘Peace TV Urdu’ are not allowed to broadcast in the UK. In the meantime, Club TV had started airing some programs of Peace TV Urdu. Ofcom forced it to shut down.