Number of religious fanatics Kashmiri youth turning terrorist reduced

Even so, without destroying Pakistan, there is a little chance of absolute end of terrorism in Kashmir.

Srinagar (J&K) – After 2018, the number of terrorists in jihadi organisations in Kashmir has decreased. In 2018, 219 youths from Kashmir had become terrorists. At that time, every month 18 youths used to become terrorists. In 2019, 119 youth had become terrorists. This year, that is, till 3rd May 2020, 35 Kashmiri youth have become terrorists. This number of youths becoming terrorists every month is now reduced to 8 per month from 18 in 2018.

According to sources, the security forces have killed many key commanders of terrorist organisations; as a result, the recruitment has reduced. Nearly 215 terrorists were killed in 2018 and 152 in 2019. Till 3rd May this year, 64 terrorists have been killed.