Undesirable reactions after the declaration of ‘Lockdown’ (In addition to the meet organised by Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi)

New Delhi – IS planning to attack Delhi. (The whole world has come to standstill due to COVID-19, but Jihadi terrorists are not affected by it. India should wipeout these terrorists. – Editor.)

  • The issue of Tablighi Jamaat Marakaz is being used to spread hatred about Muslim community : Claimed Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahli
  • The head of Tablighi Jamaat Maulana Muhammad Saad told the gathering in the mosque, “What is more appropriate place for dying than a mosque ?” (Repeatedly it has been proved that the country is in danger from religious fanatics only ! – Editor)
  • Railways PRO said that Tablighi Jamaat members who were quarantined in RPF barracks spat on doctors, nurses, other staff and disobeyed rules besides behaving arrogantly.

Kolkata – If Muslims gather after Azaan, what is the harm ? Azaan can stop coronovirus : TMC leader Akhtar Husain.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Religious fanatics physically assaulted a 45-year-old female medical worker who wanted to check if other people were infected in Sadik Nagar due to a person earlier found positive in coronavirus test.“Let’s join hands, go out and sneeze in public. Spread the virus”, said a post by Mujeeb Mohammad, former Senior Technology
Architect at Infosys. He was later arrested. (This is the mentality of religious fanatics. At least now wake up from the suicidal stupor of secularism. – Editor)

Hyderabad (Telangana) – MIM MP Asduddin Owaisi demanded that those who die due to coronavirus should be given status of martyrs. (Many religious fanatics are calling upon other fanatics to spread coronavirus. It could mean that Owaisi indirectly supports such acts ! – Editor)Religious fanatics kept in quarantine ward at Gandhi Hospital, offered Namaz by ignoring the rule of ‘social distancing’.

Hyderabad (AP) – ‘Offer namaz at home’ : All India Muslim Personal Law Board. (While Muslims were breaking lockdown rules and going to mosques to offer namaz, why did it take so long for AIMPLB to announce this ? – Editor)

Bulandshahr (UP) – Police raided a mosque and arrested 2 Maulanas and 56 others for violation of the lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. (This can happen only in UP. Will other States show such courage ? – Editor)

Ghaziabad (UP) – Tablighi Jamaat’s members who were kept in isolation ward of MMG Hospital as suspected patients behaved obscenely with nurses.

Agra (UP) – Some members of Tablighi Jamaat kept in quarantine ward demanded special dishes like beef biryani and threatened that if not provided, they would leave. They also offered Namaz collectively.

Allahabad (UP) – AIMIM Prayagraj District President Mansoor Alam was arrested for spreading misinformation on Facebook – “Government is hiding facts. While the Government figures show over 500 till now, 50,000 people have already died in the country due to COVID-19”. (Such people should be awarded life-imprisonment ! – Editor)

Indore (MP) – Religious fanatics pelted stones at doctors, Police and medical workers who were deputed to check coronavirus suspects at Silavat Pura. Many were injured. (Why should doctors and nurses treat such people ? – Editor)

Madhubani (Bihar) – When the Police tried to disperse religious fanatics gathered at a mosque for Tablighi Jamaat meeting, they faced firing from inside the mosque.

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – Police rescued 600 girls from a Madarasa during the lockdown. (Those running madarasas and mosques amidst the national lockdown and putting the lives of students at risk are public enemies ! – Editor)

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – A medical team deputed to check suspected patients was assaulted by religious fanatics. A doctor received head injuries.

Haridwar (Uttarakhand) – A member of Tabligi Jamaat from Assam who participated in the Delhi meet was traced and kept in an isolation ward at a local hospital. He made 2 attempts to run away, but both were foiled by the Police.

Panaji (Goa) – Responding to an appeal made by the State Government to provide information on people who went to Delhi to attend Tablighi meet, Fazal Shaikh informed the Government about Maqbul Syed who had attended the meet. Enraged by this act, religious fanatics assaulted Fazal in a near-fatal attack. He was saved by the Police in time.

Miraj/Solapur (Maharashtra) – For ignoring the advisory issued by the Government, 41 religious fanatics in Miraj and 45-60 in Solapur were arrested while offering Namaz in a mosque and Madarasa.

Ichalkaranji (Maharashtra) – Religious fanatics pelted stones at the Police for trying to stop them from offering namaz. (How do those who portray themselves as ‘minority’, become ‘majority’ in committing crimes even during a national disaster ! This shows their anti-national mentality. – Editor)

Colombo (Sri Lanka) The mortal remains of a Muslim who died due to coronavirus was cremated instead of buried as per the advisory issued by the Health department of Sri Lanka. (India should learn from Sri Lanka how to take stern action against religious fanatics who act as public enemies. – Editor)

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – A person who spat on a shopping trolley and doors in a shopping mall was arrested. This act will be considered akin to killing others, thus he may face a death penalty.

London (England) – God’s retribution upon those they deem to be kafir (infidels), apostates, and polytheists : Islamic State (ISIS) (If this be so, why many Muslim countries are affected by COVID-19 ? It has come to light that many who returned from Haj also got infected with COVID-19, why so ? Does IS want to say that Allah has punished them ? – Editor)

How do those who portray themselves as ‘minority’, become ‘majority’ in committing crimes even during a national disaster !