Tablighi Jamaat – the largest known COVID-19 source in South Asia

From Malaysia to Thailand, Pakistan and now India, Tablighi Jamaat has spread the coronavirus further from its large congregations.

Remember ! If the coronavirus had spread due to some religious function of Hindus, all the so-called progressives and secularists, hypocrite atheists (such as ANiS), Communists, etc. would have pounced on the Hindus; however, now their mouths are shut !

Islamabad – Tablighi Jamaat has emerged as the ‘largest known viral vector’ of the novel coronavirus in South Asia. Its religious congregations are said to be the source of hundreds of positive cases of the disease in the region.

On 12th March, an event was organised in Lahore in which 2,50,000 Muslims, including 10,000 Maulavis from 80 countries attended the meet. Although Pakistan demanded that the programme be cancelled, the demand was rejected.

Later, 27 members of Tablighi Jamaat, out of the 35 screened at their headquarters in Raiwind, tested positive for coronavirus. Two overseas participants from Palestine and Kyrgyzstan tested positive on their return to their countries.

In February when about 16,000 Tablighis gathered at a mosque in Malaysia from across the region, the participants in the gathering of the world’s biggest Islamic missionary movement had spread the virus to half a dozen countries, creating the largest known viral vector in Southeast Asia.

More than 620 people connected to the four-day conclave tested positive in Malaysia, prompting the country to seal its borders until the end of February. Most of the 73 coronavirus cases in Brunei are tied to the gathering, as are 10 cases in Thailand

At least 10 people who took part in the Nizamuddin gathering, including Tablighi Jamaat’s Kashmir head, have succumbed to the disease in India. In Telangana, the Government has identified 6 such deaths.