Three die in ‘Sunburn Classic’ festival in Goa : Drug overdose suspected

Those who abide by Indian culture had opposed organising of the ‘Sunburn’ event when some people’s representatives and organisers claimed that drug business does not take place here. It is proved that this event leads to promotion of the drug business !

Vagator (Goa) – Two people died on 27th December 2019 and a third on 29th December at the ‘Sunburn Classic’ festival here. To gain entry to the ‘Sunburn’, people needed to wear a band on their hands. The duo had to be hospitalised because of a delay when they were queuing up to receive the band. They died while undergoing treatment. While the third died during the festival.

The concerned Police officer said that initially it appears that they had consumed some drugs. Even so, the Sunburn Festival always has a plethora of drugs. Earlier in the year, a woman died due to excessive drug overdose in ‘Sunburn’.

How many more victims ? : Asks HJS

Panaji (Goa) – “Sunburn festival is harming the land of Deity Parashuram, besides causing the death of youth. Goa’s image is being tarnished”, said Dr. Manoj Solanki (Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for Goa). “How many more youth will fall victim at the Sunburn Festival, which previously caused the deaths of 2 women and now 3 youth ?”, he asked.