Mysuru priests accuse Bishop of sexual misconduct, corruption, shoot letter to Pope Francis

A Bishop from Kerala is already facing charges of rape; priests in Karnataka are accusing another Bishop of charges such as corruption, sexual misconduct, etc. This shows that priests and Bishops in India are also indulging in sexual exploitation of women, as they are in foreign countries. However, the media which has been sweeping such news (from overseas) under the carpet, is behaving in a similar manner about these instances too.

Mysuru (Karnataka) – A group of 37 priests from the Mysuru Diocese has written a letter to Pope Francis requesting his urgent intervention in the affairs of the Bishop of Mysuru KA William.

The priests have demanded that the Bishop be removed over his alleged involvement in criminal offences, misappropriation of funds and sexual misconduct.

The Bishop has also been accused of practising factionalism, favouritism and also getting married.

Melwyn Fernandes of the Association of Concerned Catholics has released a press note stating, “This is an issue involving crimes of moral turpitude by Bishop William of Mysuru, involving financial irregularities, sexual misconduct, kidnapping and suspected murders”.

In a letter to the Pope dated 20th July, the priests said :

“The dark age of our Diocese began ever since Bishop Emeritus, Thomas Antony Vazhapilly was changed and the current Bishop was brought in. We regret and feel sorry to say that we have got a person who is most immoral, corrupt, unspiritual, materialist, worldly, ill-reputed, disrespected and a dictator as Bishop of Mysuru.”

However, KA William, the Bishop denied any wrongdoings and said the allegations against him are far from the truth and the accusers did not even contact or discuss the matter with him.

He has also claimed that this has not only damaged his reputation but also the Archdiocese of Mysuru and the Christian community.