Muslim parents enraged due to application of tilak on students’ forehead on the first day of school

Muslims try to register a Police complaint

Muslim students tried to register a complaint to the Police against the principal. (Credit – Jagran)

Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) – On the first day of the Government College at Kawal village here, a protest was held against applying tilak on the forehead of Muslim students. In this regard, when the parents of the Muslim students tried to register a complaint to the Police against the principal, the Police convinced them and sent them back.

School and college started from July 1. To welcome the students, a tilak was placed on their foreheads. When the Muslim students returned to their home, their parents got angry by seeing tilak on their forehead and reached the school to protest against the same. After this, when they went to the Police station, the Police called the principal Ranveer Singh. Principal Singh told the parents that there was no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments behind this act. He said that henceforth Muslim students will not be applied tilak on their forehead. After that, the matter calmed down.

Editorial Perspective

Muslims want Hindus to wear skull caps; but Muslims get angry when tilak is applied on their forehead. This indicates that secularism is only for Hindus to practice and not for other religions. When will the Hindus who practice suicidal secularism realise this ?