Violence in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) by Muslims : Use of Petrol Bombs

Illegal mosque construction opposed by Hindus

Clashes leading to violence

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) – A dispute arose over the illegal construction of the Eidgah Mosque in the Sur Sagar area of the city on Friday night, 21 June, at 10 PM. Muslims threw stones at Hindus, and sources reported the use of petrol bombs. Following this, arson and further stone-pelting occurred. The Police, who arrived at the scene, were also attacked with stones, resulting in the injury of Inspector Nitin Dave. (Fanatics daring to attack Police! – Editor) Police have detained 42 individuals in connection with this incident.

Illegal Construction at the Mosque Site The land around the Eidgah Mosque is disputed. Muslims had constructed on this contentious land despite a 15-year-old agreement between Hindu and Muslim communities that no construction would take place. Muslims violated this agreement by constructing an entrance gate. Hindus opposed this construction and dismantled the gate.

Muslim mob turned violent as the night progressed. On 21 June, the Muslim mob became increasingly violent, throwing stones in the area. Police conducted searches in several homes, detaining 15-20 youths. Around 9:30 PM, the Police called representatives from both communities, urging them to maintain peace. Despite this, stone-pelting resumed at 10:15 PM, with both Muslims and Hindus participating. Subsequently, a Muslim shop was set on fire.

Editorial Perspective

Please note the trend of religious violence by fanatic Muslims across India. How will the security forces curb the Muslim land Jihad through illegal constructions nationwide ?