Teacher brutally beaten up by a student for taking away his Nintendo game !

Incident at Florida (US) School !

(Image credit : New York Post)

Washington (US) – A 17-year-old student of Matanzas School in Florida, US, brutally beat up his teacher. When she fell on the ground, he punched and kicked her. The teacher’s life was saved as people present at the scene restrained the student.

The student was playing video games in class, the teacher asked him to stop playing the game. He got angry and beat up the teacher. The Police have arrested the student in this case. The video of this beating incident is being circulated on social media.

(Credit : FOX 11 Los Angeles)

Editorial viewpoint

It would not be surprising if such incidents happen in India ! Efforts should be made to teach good cultural values and sadhana (spiritual practice) to students in India before such incidents happen !

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