Hindus’ houses stone-pelted in Jammu in a Muslim majority village

Poonch (Jammu-Kashmir) – Unknown miscreants indulged in stone pelting on Hindus’ houses in the Bainch, a Muslim-majority village. Window panes were shattered. No one knows the individual involved in this unlawful act.

There are just 35 houses of Hindus in that village. All of them are scared and have registered a complaint with the Police demanding protection. Police after having visited the said place of stone pelting assured Hindus about their protection. Earlier on 1st January, Hindus were killed after their Aadhar Card identified them as Hindus.

(Credit : India Today)

Editorial viewpoint

It is shameful for Hindus all over the nation that Hindus in Jammu-Kashmir are unsafe just as in some other Islamic nations.

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