Dildar Ansari killed his second wife, an tribal girl, and chopped her body into 50 parts ! : Jharkhand

The incident came to light on seeing dogs eating the pieces of flesh !

(Left side) Accused Dildar Ansari

Sahibganj (Jharkhand) – Dildar Ansari killed his wife Rabika Pahadan, chopped her body into more than 50 pieces, packed them into a sack, and kept it in the house.  Some pieces were thrown in a remote place. The murder came to light when the villagers saw dogs eating human flesh. They immediately informed the Police. The Police have arrested Ansari. His relatives are being questioned in this matter. Police have recovered the rest of Rabika’s body parts. But they have not recovered the head. Ansari used an electric cutter to cut Rabika’s body.

Rabika belonged to a tribal ‘Adim Paharia’ Community. Dildar was already married.  He had married Rabika 10 days ago. Thereafter, they began having conflicts.

Editorial viewpoint

In Delhi, Aftab Poonawala killed Shraddha Walkar and chopped her into 35 pieces, and now Dildar Ansari has done the same thing, this shows the mentality of these religious fanatics ! None of the secularists or intellectuals in the country will raise their voices against this !

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