Muslim man booked for sexually abusing a minor Hindu girl in Bengaluru !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – A Muslim man identified as Yunus Pasha Fayaz Ahmed has been arrested in Bengaluru for forcing a minor Hindu girl to convert and sexually abusing her. Pasha had gifted this girl a mobile phone. He forced the girl to show her private parts on a video call. He recorded this call and later began blackmailing the girl.

In order to sexually abuse the girl, Yunus threw a packet of sleeping pills in her yard and asked her to mix it in the food at home. When the girl refused, he threatened to expose the objectionable recording. Then the girl mixed pills in the family members’ food and everyone in the house went to sleep after eating the food. Yunus then came to her house and sexually abused her saying he was going to marry her. He also threatened to kill the girl’s parents if she told anyone about the sexual abuse.

Editorial Viewpoint

It shouldn’t be surprising if someone demands to kill such people by burying them in a pit up to the waist and stoning them to death according to Sharia law !

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