An ex-serviceman thrashed by the pantry car manager, for opposing ‘offering namaz’ on the train

The ex-serviceman was chanting mantras to show his opposition to the namaz !

(Left side) ex-serviceman Vilas Naik

Amla (Madhya Pradesh) – ‘An incident of argument about the offering of namaz on the ‘Swarna Jayanti Express’ has recently come to light. In which an ex-serviceman was thrashed by the manager of the train’s pantry car. A Police complaint has been filed in the case, two persons have been arrested and one person has absconded. The name of the ex-serviceman is Vilas Naik. This incident happened when he was travelling to Visakhapatnam. Naik has been injured by the thrashing. The Railway Police have admitted him into the Betul district Hospital.

1. Vilas Naik asked the Muslims offering namaz in the passage of the moving train to let him pass. They did not give the way. Because of this Naik began to chant mantras to show his opposition. It was then that the manager of the pantry car came and opposed the serviceman. There was an argument that resulted in Naik being thrashed by the Pantry staff. In this case, a complaint has been filed at Amla against the pantry man and his manager. And Pantry Manager Harivesh Srinivas (Harvesh Singh) and vendor Pawan have been arrested in this matter, while one person is absconding.

2. Naik reported, those offering namaz were not allowing passage to anyone to go to the toilet. Because of this, the soldier in me awakened and I opposed them. Immediately after I sat down in the passage the pantry car men came and asked me to move out of the way. They beat me up as soon as I argued that ‘if namaz can be offered on the railway, why not chanting of Mantras ?’

3. One of those reciting the namaz said, we were sitting on our place after offering namaz. Later the Pantry car man asked the person who had argued with us to move out of the passage. We are just an excuse.

Editorial viewpoint

The Hindu pantry car manager permitted the offering of namaz but opposed the Hindu chanting mantras ! Such Hindus are the real enemies of the Hindu Dharma !