India’s Agni missile test suspended due to China’s spy ship !

New Delhi – After China sent its spy ship ‘Yuan Wang-6’ into the Indian Ocean, India suspended its planned Agni missile test in the Bay of Bengal. The test was to be conducted on the 10th and 11th of November. Just before that, China sent this ship, which was in the sea near Indonesia, into the Indian Ocean. The test was cancelled due to the possibility of gathering information about the Indian missile through this ship. Along with this, the instructions circulated regarding this test have also been withdrawn.

The Yuan Wang-6 is equipped with antennas, sophisticated surveillance equipment, and sensors. This ship is capable of conducting electronic surveillance, monitoring satellite launches, and tracking the orbital path of long-range missiles. 400 Chinese people are active on this ship.

Editorial Viewpoint

Due to Chinese espionage, India had to retreat. India needs to avenge this, otherwise, China will continue to hinder India in the same way and India will continue to retreat !

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