Supreme Court quashes criminal defamation case against chief editor

Former editor of ‘India today’ Arun Purie

(Image credit : Bar And Bench)

New Delhi – While giving an important verdict on the petition filed by the former editor of ‘India today’ Arun Purie stating that unless there is direct allegation or involvement of the chief editor of any media organisation, he/she cannot be held responsible for any author’s or journalist’s text. Allegations were made in the article ‘Mission Misconduct’ published in ‘India today’ in 2007, against 3 high-ranking officers of the Indian Foreign Service in Britain. One among them had filed a suit for damages against the then editor Arun Purie and the respective journalist.

Supreme Court stated during the hearing that if the allegations were direct and strong, then no concession should be given to the chief editor; but if no direct allegations are found to be against the editor, then he/she cannot be held responsible.