Now India should colonise Britain !

Comedian Trevor Noah’s 3-year-old video about Britain’s dire situation goes viral !

London (Britain) – Liz Truss, Britain’s Prime Minister has given her resignation. For the past few days, it had been predicted as a possibility. In the last 6 years, Britain has had 4 Prime Ministers. Britain’s economic situation is deteriorating. It is being said that the South African Comedian Trevor Noah, had noticed this much earlier. This is said because in his 2019 video, which has now become viral; he is seen saying, ‘India should take over and manage Britain’s affairs and improve the situation.’

1. In 2019, when Britain was considering withdrawing from the European Union, Trevor Noah said in a programme, at this moment Britain’s condition is very bad. I feel that one of the countries from among its old colonies should now colonise Britain, as the situation has truly gone out of control. The British do not know what they are doing. India should enter Britain and say, ‘Look, we are not at all happy about doing this, but you are unable to carry out the process of governance. We will have to take it all in hand and set it right’. He is seen saying this in the viral video.

2. The British Ruled India for 150 years. They used to say that the Indians cannot manage their affairs. While giving Independence to India they had contemptuously said, ‘in India democracy will not last’, to mock Indians.

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