A lady Chinese detective arrested in Delhi !

Used to stay in the disguise of a Buddhist monk !

New Delhi – A female Chinese spy was arrested by the Delhi Police from the Majnu ka Tila area. She used to stay in the disguise of a Buddhist monk. Her name is Can Ruo. This woman had told that she is a citizen of Nepal and used to stay in Delhi. The Police are now searching for her accomplices.

There is a suspicion that she reached India via Nepal. Her name on the identity card was Dolma Lama as well as the address was of Kathmandu but in the enquiry with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office, it was discovered that she is a citizen of Henan in China. She came to India 2019 with her Chinese passport. She speaks Mandarin, Nepali and English.

Editorial viewpoint

When Indira Gandhi was in power, the Russian KGB agents were operating throughout the country. Now, when the Pakistan agents are operating throughout the country, the Chinese spies too have started their activities in India. Looking at this situation, a question arises, ‘has India become ‘Dharmashala’ for these countries ?’