Shrikrushna taught jihad to Arjun in Bhagwadgita !

  • Infuriating statement by Congress senior leader Shivraj Patil !
  • Gives ridiculous explanation when gets criticised at all levels !
Congress senior leader Shivraj Patil 

(Image credit : Hindustan Times)

New Delhi – A senior leader of Congress and former Central Home Minister Shivraj Patil has made a very outrageous statement that ‘Jihad is not only in Islam, but it is also in Shrimadbhagawadgita and Christianity.’ He said Shrikrushna teaches jihad in one of the chapters of Bhagawadgita. This statement drew flak from many people including BJP when Patil gave an explanation for his disgraceful statement.

(Credit : India Today)

1. On the occasion of the launch of the autobiography of former Central Minister Mohsina Kidwai on the 20th of October 2022, Shivraj Patil said, “The concept of jihad as mentioned in Islam is talked about many times. The concept is force can be used when the motive is good, something good is to be done, and it is not accepted by others. Not only in Quran, but it is also stated in the Bhagawadgita in Mahabharat and Christianity.” (In that case, doesn’t it prove that Shivraj Patil and Congress support jihadi organisations such as Islamic State, Boko Haram, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, etc. – Editor)  

2. The programme was also attended by other Congress leaders viz. Shashi Tharoor, Sushil Kumar Shinde, and Mani Shankar Aiyar.

3. Patil’s statement started getting criticised at all levels when he gave an explanation ‘Would you call the advice given by Shrikrushna to Arjun as jihad ? No, you wouldn’t and that is what I was trying to say.’

Congress has crossed all limits of Hindu-hatred ! – BJP

BJP targeted Congress on the statement of Patil. ‘Congress has crossed all limits of Hindu hatred. Congress claims itself as a party of Hindus wearing ‘janeu (sacred thread)’, but opposing the construction of Ram Mandir; raising doubt on the existence of Shriram by filing an affidavit in the Court; coining words like ‘saffron terrorism’; comparing ‘Hindutva’ with Islamic State; which underlines Hindu-hatred of the Congress party. Such statements are made to keep an eye on the Gujarat elections. The people of Gujarat will teach them a good lesson.’

Editorial viewpoints

  • If Hindus were taught jihad, Hindus would have eliminated all those people who have been continuously making a mockery of their Deities; just as fanatic Muslims behead Hindus on the alleged objectionable statements against Prophet Mohammad !   
  • If Hindus were taught jihad, would Shivraj Patil have dared to make such a statement ?
  • Owing to the lack of unity amongst Hindus, anyone slings mud at the objects of worship of Hindus which is the most shameful for Hindus !  
  • Congress needs to realise that due to its anti-Hindu attitude under the guise of appeasement of Muslims, it is going to meet its end ! Now, the most severe action should be taken against Patil !

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