BJP’s Delhi MP Pravesh Verma makes a provocative appeal without naming anyone

‘They’ should be boycotted completely !

BJP’s Delhi MP Pravesh Verma

New Delhi  –  Without naming anyone BJP’s Delhi MP Pravesh Verma made the following appeal at the Virat Hindu Mahasabha. He said – ‘Whenever you see ‘them’ make them bow their heads on the spot. There is only one solution for this and that is a boycott ! Do you agree with this ? If yes then repeat after me ‘we boycott ‘them’ completely. We will not buy anything from their shops and we will not employ them’. The above provocative statement is said to be aimed at Muslims, but MP Pravesh Verma has denied this claim. He said that the meeting was organised to protest against the cold-blooded murder of Manish. Six people Sajid, Alam, Bilal, Faizan, Mohsin and Shakir have been arrested in connection with this murder.

MP Verma further said that ‘Recently, a young man named Manish was killed by some Muslims in Sundarnagari in Delhi. Hence, I have called for a boycott against those who have killed him. Whether the accused have any restaurants or any other business for that matter they should be boycotted. Until all the Hindus unite such incidents will keep happening. People with a Jihadi mentality create such incidents of unrest in Delhi because they feel that their Government is in power there. Hindus and the local Police can teach such people a lesson within 24 hours. They should be boycotted. These people sell vegetables on handcarts, there is no need for any Hindu to buy anything from them. They also have meat and fish shops, restaurants, etc. the municipality should be asked to take action against them. Shops that do not have licenses should be closed. They should be boycotted every time they raise their heads.

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