Three terrorists arrested in Hyderabad, Telangana

Had plans to hurl grenades at BJP and RSS rallies on Dussehra

Arrested terrorists

Hyderabad (Telangana) – The Special Action Force arrested 20 people, including three terrorists, Mohammed Abdul Zahed alias Motu, Mohammed Sameeuddin and Maaz Hasan Farooq. The three had plotted a stampede. According to the plan, they were to attend the Dussehra programmes of BJP and RSS to be held on 5th October and create a stampede. The terrorists had a blueprint for their attack. They were in touch with their superiors in Pakistan. They had also linked a few more people to carry out the stampede. The Police have started investigating the matter. They had seized 4 lakh cash, 4 hand grenades and some provocative documentary evidence along with the stampede plan from the arrested.

1. A search is on for four persons, Adil Afroz, Abdul Hadi, Sohail Qureshi and Abdul Kaleem alias Hadi, who were in touch with the arrested terrorists. These four are absconding. Abdul Jahed alias Motu and his associates were in touch with officials of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and militants of Lashkar-e-Toiba, named Ghori, Hanzala and Majeed.

2. Motu is also accused of being involved in the 2005 Hyderabad bomb blast.

3. They had planned to unleash terror, and trigger panic by hurling grenades at the meetings of the BJP and RSS causing a stampede and a large number of casualties.

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