Police Commander raped Baloch girl in Iran

36 Baloch killed in the Police firing on protesters

Tehran (Iran) – Protest against the rape of a 15-year-old Baloch girl took place on 30th September in the city of Zahedan. After the Friday prayers, the Baloch community took to the streets and raised slogans. After this, the Police opened fire. 36 people died when the Police started firing at the protesters to disperse them. Last week, Colonel Ibrahim Khuchakzai, a Police Commander, raped the girl. Iran’s leading Sunni cleric Maulvi Abdul Hamid has confirmed that the girl was raped.

Colonel Ibrahim Khuchakzai was investigating a murder case in Chabahar. The victim is the daughter of a neighbour of the murdered woman. The Commander called the girl to the office for questioning and raped her there. To suppress the case, the security forces abducted 3 relatives of the victim and forced the victim’s family to give a statement that nothing had happened to the girl. The victim’s family was also pressured not to file a complaint. However, the victim’s family did not withdraw the allegations of rape.

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