Madras High Court order modified and given to the plaintiff and defendant

Supreme Court orders inquiry

New Delhi – In a strange incident, a certified copy of the Madras High Court order given to the plaintiff and the defendant does not match the order passed in the Court. The Supreme Court itself expressed surprise, saying it was an unusual incident and ordered an inquiry. It has also asked to submit the inquiry report.

Subramanian, counsel for one of the parties in the High Court case, submitted both copies of the High Court judgment to the Supreme Court. One copy was uploaded on the website of the High Court, while the other was the certified copy by the High Court. There is a stark difference between the two versions. The Court ordered one party to deposit Rs 115 crore in Annanagar Bank, but in the certified copy of the order, this part was removed.

Editorial Viewpoint

If this kind of fraud is happening in the Court too, then who should the people turn to now ?

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