Is it not a crime to spread unrest in society by faking stories of ‘Love Jihad’ ? : Congress leader Sachin Sawant’s jibe !

Congress leader Sachin Sawant

Amravati (Maharashtra) – A 19-year-old girl went missing from an area in Rukmininagar. However, the Police say that this young woman left the house out of anger. Commenting on this issue, Congress leader Sachin Sawant addressed Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and tweeted, ‘Is there any rule in the Police manual that prevents you from installing a call recording app on your phone ?  Please share some information on this and preserve the integrity of the Police. Isn’t it a crime to spread fake stories of ‘Love Jihad’ and spread unrest in society ? Why haven’t you taken any action to date ?’

A missing complaint was filed by the father of this Hindu girl at the Police station in Rajapeth. Regarding this case, the Police arrested a Muslim youth selling potatoes and onions. After this was confirmed as a case of ‘Love Jihad’ MP Navneet Rana, the BJP and other Hindutva organisations started protesting.

Editorial viewpoints

  • So far 30 cases of ‘Love Jihad’ have taken place in the District of Amravati, But Sachin Sawant does not utter a single word about this. Even though the lives of Hindu girls in Maharashtra have been destroyed by ‘Love Jihad’, Sachin Sawant has remained silent about it. In fact, the fake ‘agenda’ of the Congress is to be held responsible for this !
  • Why didn’t the Police search for the girl immediately after the parents’ complaint ? When MP Navneet Rana and MP Dr Anil Bonde protested and asked for a fixed timeframe to find the young woman, the Police instead took her into custody. Even though this is a sure case of ‘Love Jihad’ any underhand dealings by the Police cannot be ruled out.

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