Muslim youth killed by religious fanatic Muslims in Delhi for participating in Shri Ganesh immersion

(Right side) A Muslim youth Armaan

Delhi – A Muslim youth named Armaan was stabbed to death by religious fanatic Muslims in the Mangolpuri area in Delhi. Armaan’s father alleged that Armaan was a Hanuman devotee and was killed for his involvement in Shri Ganesh Visarjan, while the Police said that there was personal enmity behind the attack. Armaan’s two brothers Moin and Fardeen were also attacked at that time. Armaan’s friends Vicky and Ravi were also attacked. The Police have arrested Shahrukh and his two accomplices Saif and Vineet in this case.

1. Armaan’s family members said that Armaan was a devotee of Deity Hanuman. He used to visit the Aakhada (Arena) and worship Hanuman. He also participated in the Shri Ganesh Murti Visarjan procession. Displeased with this, Shahrukh asked Armaan, ‘You are wearing gulal, what kind of Muslim are you’ ? Following this, he killed him with the help of his accomplices.

2. Police said that at 2.25 pm, the injured Fardeen was riding his bike when his vehicle hit Shakhrukh’s bike. This led to an argument between the two. At that time, when Armaan tried to settle the argument, Shahrukh and his friend Shahbir stabbed him with a knife and fled.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Religious fanatic Muslims not only attack Hindus, but they also attack their other Muslims who celebrate Hindu festivals. Will hypocritical secularists and so-called intellectuals utter a word about this ?
  • The Hindus in the Shri Ganesh Visarjan procession in Nashik had stopped playing instruments after the azaan started during the procession. On the contrary, religious fanatics are always ready to behead Hindus. Hindus must realise this hypocrisy soon !

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