Muslim students beat a Christian woman student to death in a Nigerian college over blasphemy

Sokoto (Nigeria) – A mob of Muslim students beat up a Christian student to death and burned her body. She was beaten to death by religious fanatics before being killed on the pretext of making offensive remarks against the Prophet Mohammad. This incident has shaken the whole country and the world. The incident took place in Sokoto city.

A college student, Deborah Samuel, posted a message on the college’s WhatsApp group. A WhatsApp group was created for exchanging study materials related to the college curriculum. Some Muslim students, however, used the platform to share religious content. Deborah posted an audio objecting to a religious post. The Muslim students protested on the pretext that the recording contained remarks about the Prophet Mohammad. At that time the college administration tried to keep Deborah Samuel in a safe place. However, the religious fanatics dragged her out. A video posted by a local journalist shows Deborah Samuel being beaten up with sticks and stoned by Muslim students. Muslim students chanted Allahu Akbar (Allah is great) and threw tyres at Deborah, setting her on fire.

Government official Anas Mohammad Sani warned Christians implicitly that they would be attacked if they insulted the Prophet. Nigeria has an almost equal number of Christians and Muslims. The incident took place in northern Nigeria, where a report by the US Commissioner for International Religious Freedom states that Sharia law has been in force in 12 States since 1999.

Editorial viewpoint

Everywhere in the world, whenever someone insults the Prophet Mohammad or the Quran, the mob takes the law into their own hands and kills them. The mentality of disobeying the law and killing brutally is dangerous for society as a whole.



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