CCTV footage of Khargone (MP) reveals that only one Policeman was deployed for the protection of temples and Hindus

Case of attack on Shri Ramnavami processions in Muslim-majority areas

Editorial comment

The Police should answer why they did not provide proper protection for organising the procession of Hindus. Also, the administration should take action against those responsible for this negligence.

Place of the incident

Khargone (MP) – The procession organised on Shri Ramnavami was attacked while passing through a Muslim-majority area. CCTV footage of this has surfaced, it clearly shows how the religious fanatics caused chaos in the city. It also revealed that there were no Police deployed for the procession. Had the Police arrived on time, the religious fanatics could have been controlled. There was a crowd of religious fanatics near Shitalamata temple on Goshala Marg. The videos show that only one Policeman stood guard with a stick to protect the temple. Even though the situation was getting out of control, the Police officers did not inform the control room. The religious fanatics continued to attack the Shitalamata temple and the houses of Hindus near it, but the Police officers could do nothing.

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