Hindu Nationalism in India is a matter of concern : Ex-VP Hamid Ansari

Ex-VP Hamid Ansari sparks controversy at a US event with anti-India organisations

Editorial comments

  • Not Hindu Nationalism but ‘Islami Nationalism’ has been a matter of concern for the last 74 years in India. Why Ansari does not say something about Islami Nationalism because of which Hindus were driven out of Kashmir by genocide of Hindus in Kashmir ?
  • Does any Muslim leader ever say anything  opposing the inhuman jihadi organisations like ‘Islamic State’ which have become a matter of concern for the whole world ?

New Delhi – Hindu Nationalism is a matter of concern in India. He alleged that the BJP Government was seeking to discriminate between citizens on the basis of religion. Disputes are being created among the people over nationality. It wants to distinguish citizens on the basis of their faith, give vent to intolerance, insinuate otherness and promote disquiet and insecurity.

Speaking at a special Congressional briefing on Republic Day, ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari sparked a row by accusing the Centre of perpetuating intolerance. This programme was organised by the ‘Indian American Muslim Council’which has been accused of instigating riots in India and having a connection with Pakistan’s Intelligence agency ISI.

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