Namaz being offered in a mosque built in a residential society in Chauryasi, Gujarat

Land Jihad in Surat !

Surat (Gujarat) – Aslam Cyclewala, a Congress Corporator in Surat, has claimed in a Facebook post that Namaz is being offered in a building in Shiv Shakti Society, which is essentially a mosque as it is the property of the Waqf Board. The structure where the Namaz is being held is near Hajira in the Kantha area of ​​Chauryasi Taluka in Surat.

1. Aslam claimed, ‘Since there is a mosque in that building, it is a Holy place for Muslims. The residents had gone to the Ichhapor Police Station and agreed that because of Covid-19 protocol, only the Muslim residents of the society will be allowed to offer Namaz at the location currently’.

2. Now all the Muslims in the area are offering Namaz in this place. A meeting was held in the presence of the Police Inspector and the sub-Inspector, the Facebook post said. It was attended by Muslim leaders as well as some distinguished citizens of Mora village.

The Waqf Board is illegally seizing Government, semi-Government, and private property ! – Ekta Ej Lakshya, Social Organisation

Earlier this month, Gandhinagar-based trust, Ekta Ej Lakshya Committee wrote an application to Collectors and heads of 33 Districts and urged them to dissolve the State Waqf Board. The application said,

1. The Waqf Board is illegally taking over private, Government, as well as semi-Government properties by misusing the provisions of the Waqf Act, 1995. (Why did the Police administration and the Government fail to notice what a social organisation noticed ? Is the administration taking a nap ? – Editor) The law only provides for one community. Therefore, it is against the secular ideology of the Indian Constitution.

2. As of July 2020, the Waqf Board has 6,59,877 immovable assets spread over approximately ​​8 lakh hectares that are registered with the Board. This is a nationwide conspiracy. Therefore, such discriminatory rules and laws should be removed. There have been cases of large-scale transfer of property in and around Surat to the Waqf Board.

3. ‘Waqf’ means that any Muslim should donate his wealth for the Islamic cause, and this is considered a Holy deed according to Islamic law. This is a kind of ‘Islamic charity’. According to this, the property registered with the board becomes ‘Waqf’ (donation). Similarly, some plots of Shiv Shakti Society were sold to Muslims. The structure was built on one of those plots, where the Namaz is being offered currently.

4. At the time of the first Covid-19 wave in 2020, a Muslim man had registered his property in the name of Waqf. The place was registered as a mosque or madarasa and soon people began offering Namaz there. Here, anyone can declare any property as Waqf property and get it registered. Even their neighbours cannot do anything.

5. A lawyer told a news website that as per provisions of the Waqf Board, one does not need anyone else’s permission to get the property registered with Waqf Board. He said, ‘This is a unilateral decision. Generally, if you want to transfer your property, the permission of the chairman of the society or the committee is required, but if tomorrow your Muslim neighbour registers his house with the Waqf and declares it a mosque, then there is nothing you can do’.

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