Khalistani organisation takes referendum in London on Punjab’s separation from India

Editorial comment 

India should use diplomatic pressure on the UK for taking action against the concerned and be alert to see that similar incidents do not occur elsewhere !

London (Britain) – A Khalistani organisation has started a referendum for its demand for an independent nation. On 31.10.2021, US-based ‘Sikhs for Justice (SFJ)’, a Khalistani terrorist organisation held the first round of referendum in London, and Sikhs were asked to vote for or against the demand of Punjab to be an independent country.

Similar rounds will also be held in other European countries, USA, and Canada. SFJ had called all Sikhs of Indian ethnicity of the age 18 years and above to vote. The voting was held at Elizabeth Centre in Westminster. ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ and anti-India slogans were raised on the occasion. Khalistan’s flag was also waved.

Gurpatwantsingh Pannu, the founder of this organisation stated that 30,000 Sikhs voted in the referendum. SFJ has been banned in India.