Case of legislation for the Govt takeover of Chardham Places of pilgrimage

Priests prevent former Uttarakhand Chief Minister and BJP MLA Trivendra Singh Rawat from taking darshan !

Editorial Comment

It shows how strong the feelings of Hindus are against the takeover of the temples by the Government ! Will the Central and all State Governments hand over the temples back to the devotees now ?

Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) – Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and BJP MLA Trivendra Singh Rawat reached here, but the priest community stopped him from visiting. The BJP Government in the State has enacted a law of the Government takeover of the Chardham Places of pilgrimage which, the priest community has opposed. The priests objected to Rawat being allowed to come ahead of the bridge near the confluence. Also, sloganeering was carried out at this time.

Therefore, Rawat left for the Government rest house without visiting the temple. The priests say, “It is Rawat who has brought the law of Government takeover of Chardham Places of pilgrimage.”

A day before this incident, the priests have opposed the BJP State President Madan Kaushik and State Minister Dhansinh Rawat. The Uttarakhand Government had earlier assured the priests that they would repeal the law; however, this assurance has not been kept yet, so there is anger among the priests against the BJP Government.