Israel’s UN Envoy tears up Human Rights Council report at General Assembly

Editorial comment

When reports condemning India are presented at the Global Platform, has India ever taken such a strong step ?

New York (US) – The Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan tore to pieces the Human Rights Council’s yearly report on the podium of the General Assembly. He expressed his contempt, saying, ‘This report is against Israel and is biased and therefore, its real place is in the trash can. This report is useless.’ The report stated the findings of the UNHRC (Unite Nation’s Human Rights Council) constituted to make inquiries after the Gaza Strip attack of Israel. According to the information stated in the report, along with 67 children, 40 women and 16 aged, 260 Palestinians had died in the said attack. The report had condemned Israel for this brutal attack on Gaza Strip.

While addressing the General Assembly Erdan said that since the establishment of the Human Rights Council, out of the 142 condemnations of countries regarding Human rights violations, UNHCR has condemned Israel 95 times. It has been proved again by this report that the Human Rights Council is prejudiced.