Exhibition of obscene paintings by the SFI, a student wing of CPI(M), in a college run by Cochin Dewaswam Mandal in Kerala

Editorial comments

  • Oppose the Government takeover of temples, realising that this will also effect the colleges run by the temple management !
  • The Dewaswam Mandal should demand severe punishment for the culprits who put up these posters by filing a criminal complaint; however, since it is difficult for the ruling CPI(M) to make such an effort, Hindu organisations should make an effort for it !
  • Will the CPI(M) student body dare to put up such posters in colleges run by organisations of other religions ?

Thrissur (Kerala) – In yet another incident that exposes the anti-national attitude of the communists, the Students Federation of India (SFI, a student wing of CPI-M) has put up provocative and obscene paintings under the pretext of sexual freedom at Shri Kerala Verma College. The posters glorify the jihadis while bullying the nationalists. Supreme Court advocate Monica Arora has written a letter to the National Commission for Women seeking action. Shri Kerala Verma College is controlled by Cochin Dewaswam Mandal. Board members are appointed by the Government of Kerala and the Hindu community.

One of the paintings shows the borders of two countries. There is a soldier on guard. The soldier is seen kissing a woman on the border of another country and an obscene caption is written under it. The border between the two countries seems to be the one between India and Pakistan.

The second poster endorses sexual freedom. It displays a naked woman and a man who are kissing. It says that there is a need for sexual freedom on earth.

On the third poster, a Muslim man is sitting in a chair wearing boxers with the American flag and an AK-47 rifle beside him. It is being said that the picture is based on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the establishment of the Taliban regime.

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