Two Indians hired by Chinese nationals arrested for an online cheating scam

China is using various tactics to attack Indians. The Indian Government should immediately block such Chinese apps that cheat Indians and try to retrieve their money.

New Delhi – Two persons allegedly involved in an online cheating scam, using a Chinese app have been arrested by the Delhi Police. The accused have been identified as Nagaraju Karmanchi of Hyderabad and Kondala Subash of Telangana. The Police seized 30 mobiles, 7 laptops, 1 desktop computer, 2 hard disks, 50 SIM cards, 6 debit cards, etc. from the two arrested. These two conmen were working for a Chinese gang and had launched 10 fake companies. (It is agonising that gangs in China are supported by Indian conmen to cheat Indians. Stringent punishment should be meted out to such traitors – Editor)

The accused used to tempt Indians to invest online in the wine and spice market, but there was no return on investment. This gang is said to have conned more than 2,000 Indians. The accused used to ask victims to invest a small amount and gave good returns on it in a week. Victims would eventually invest a larger amount which was neither returned nor any profits were paid.