A person who says that Muslims should not stay in the country cannot be a Hindu : Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, RSS Chief

Ghaziabad (UP) – Addressing a function organised by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch, RSS’s minority wing, in Ghaziabad, RSS Chief Dr. Bhagwat said, “If a Hindu says that no Muslim should live here, then the person is not a Hindu. The Cow is a Holy animal but the people who are lynching others are going against Hindutva. Law should take its course against them without any partiality”. ‘India is a Hindu nation, but it is a crime if someone gets beaten by a mob. We never support it. Call yourself an Indian, not a Hindu’, he further said.

Dr Bhagwat said,

1. Some people may think I’m naive but I’m going to tell the truth. Hindus and Muslims have been peacefully co-existing here for centuries and hence, their DNA is the same, irrespective of religion. Many will be surprised by my statement, but thoughtful Hindus will accept my opinion.

2. India is a nation and belongs to the people of every religion living here. Hence, Muslims should not get trapped in the cycle of fear that Islam is in danger in India. Hindu-Muslim unity is misleading as they are not different, but one.

3. Irrespective of our religion, we all are Indians. Hindus should identify themselves as Indians.

4. Hindus and Muslims have been walking together and will continue to do so.

5. All should come together with a sense of nationalism without limiting themselves to any religion. The basis of unity should be nationalism and the glory of ancestors. Attacking each other for one reason or another is against the Indian culture and should be condemned and stopped immediately.

6. It is high time that all the Indians should come together irrespective of their language, region, and other inequalities and make India a global leader. The world will be safe only when India becomes a world leader.

7. It is instilled in the minorities that Hindus will perish them; however, when injustice is done to a minority, it is the majority who raises their voice.