The 149-year-old practice of ‘darbar move’ in Jammu-Kashmir ends

200 crore were spent on moving two capitals, Srinagar in summer and Jammu in winter

It is shameful that in the last 74 years, none of the ruling Governments ever tried to find a permanent solution to stop the expenditure of hundreds of Rupees.

Srinagar (J&K) – Among the ongoing administrative developments in Jammu and Kashmir, the 149-year-old practice of the ‘darbar move’ tradition has been cancelled. Every 6-months, the Capital and the Secretariat used to change; in summer it would be shifted to Srinagar and in winter to Jammu. 200 crores were spent on this every year. Therefore, the President’s offices, namely, Raj Bhavan, Secretariat, and all main departments used to be shifted from Jammu to Srinagar and Srinagar to Jammu. Now, this system is cancelled, the Secretariats will function from both the cities throughout the year. Although this being the case, information regarding the capital of the Union Territory of Jammu – Kashmir is not yet known.

  1. Dogra King Gulab Singh had started this tradition in 1872. As the temperature in Jammu being medium throughout the year, the demand has been made to make Jammu the permanent capital, but due to the fear of sending a wrong message in Kashmir valley, the decision had not been taken till now.
  2. Due to the ‘darbar move’ tradition, thousands of files, computers, other equipments, etc. used to be shifted every 6-months. Government officials and employees had exclusive residential accommodations at both the places.
  3. The Government has announced while cancelling the tradition that the E-Office process is over now, with the exception of important files, hence, all other files would be handled online.
  4. Along with this, the Srinagar residential accommodations of Government officials from Jammu iand those from Shrinagar in Jammu would be cancelled. They are given the time limit of 21 days to vacate the premises.