The Vatican provides tacit support to the child sex offenders

The UN experts had written to the Vatican Church (The Holy See) to express their deep concern about the sexual abuse and violence against the children at the Church

  • The Christian Clergy responsible for innumerable sexual abuses against the children must be brought to justice. The UN should take the lead in this regard.
  • Why are the Christian countries completely silent on such a grave issue ? Their silence makes one wonder, if they approve of such hideous crimes committed by the members of the Church.

Geneva (Switzerland) – The Vatican has done little to put an end to the sexual abuse of children at the Churches. On the contrary, it has backed the offenders. The independent human rights experts, working in collaboration with the UN, have urged the Vatican to make every effort to bring the sex offenders to book. The UN human rights office has provided following information in this regard.

  1. Four human rights experts had written to the Vatican four months ago, the content of which has now been made public. The experts, in their letter, have minced no words in stating that the Church literally tried to cover up the hideous crimes committed by its members. They further stated that the Church did not only try to protect the offenders but also evaded the reparations (that were) due to the victims.
  2. The experts, in their letter, have also alleged that the Church even went on to obstruct the efforts to prosecute the child sex offenders for their heinous crimes. These crimes have been committed over decades in many countries against thousands of victims.