Doormats and undergarments featuring Sri Lanka’s national flag being sold on Amazon!

  • Sri Lanka demands Amazon immediately stop the sale of such products!
  • These products are manufactured by Chinese companies!
  • Unscrupulous Amazon is constantly  disrespecting the national and religious symbols of India and other nations !
  • Sri Lanka is overburdened with Chinese loans. Being aware of this situation, Chinese companies are intentionally producing products with Sri Lanka’s national symbols in order to humiliate Sri Lanka and the Chinese government is also supporting their move. It is vital we understand this!
  • It is necessary that India should take an aggressive stance from now itself in order to ensure that Amazon and China do not engage in such activities in relation to India!

Colombo (Sri Lanka) – Sri Lanka has asked online retail seller Amazon to take down doormats and undergarments which feature the nation’s flag. These products are manufactured by Chinese companies.  Sri Lanka has raised this issue with the Chinese Government. The Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington DC has also expressed its displeasure about this to the US government.

(Objective in depicting this is not to hurt anybody’s national sentiments, but to highlight the nature of facts to everyone. – Editor)

Various people from Sri Lanka have expressed their views on the issue in social media. “This is how the Chinese see Sri Lanka,” said one Facebook user.  Another suggested, “If we (Sri Lanka) do not repay the loans to China, then there is a possibility that China may even print our national flag on toilet paper.”