20 Israelis accused of selling suicide drones to China

India and America in danger

China’s ability to make the engineers of a nation like Israel, with highly committed citizens, sell technical knowhow, shows how cunning it is. India must be well prepared to face China.

Jerusalem (Israel) – 20 Israelis have been accused  of developing, manufacturing and trading the Harop drones to an Asian country. Israel has not named this Asian country. According to technical experts, the country is China. Earlier Israel wanted to sell surveillance drones to China but was stopped by the US. It is being said that Israel did not disclose the name of this country, so as not to adversely affect its own arms business. Before this news came out, Israel had announced that it would sign an agreement with three Asian countries to supply these deadly drones. According to the Jerusalem Post, India had decided to buy 15 Harop drones from Israel in 2019.

Though it’s a major threat for India and America that this technology has reached China, Israel fears that this technical knowhow should not fall into the hands of Iran and North Korea.

What is a Harop drone?

The Harop is a loitering munition developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries. It is designed to loiter (fly about unassisted), track targets and crash into them, thereby self destructing and destroying the targets. This has earned it the nicknames of suicide drone or kamikaze drones. Its stealth design make it virtually undetectable to radar detection systems. The Harop drones were employed by Azerbaijan against Armenia in 2020 which decimated key Armenian targets.

 (Reference : TV9 Bharatvarsh)