Rishikesh : Cave-dwelling Saint donates one crore for Ram mandir

Second from left is Swami Shankar Das

Haridwar – Swami Shankar Das, an octogenarian Saint from Rishikesh donated one crore towards the construction of Ram mandir. Swami Shankar das has been living in a cave at Rishikesh doing dhyan sadhana (meditation) for over six decades. According to Das ji,  the amount has been collected from the donations received from devotees visiting the cave of his Guru Taat wale Baba.   He handed over a cheque to SBI main branch here.

According to Das ji, he wanted to be an anonymous donor, but he made his donation public to encourage others to donate towards the temple construction. Known among locals As Fakkad Baba, Swami Shankar Das survives on donations from devotees.