With the bribery rate of 39%, India is the most corrupt nation in Asia

Transparency International’s shocking report

It is the result of the failure of politicians to inculcate spiritual practice and marality to the citizens in the post-independence era ! Establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, is the only solution to make an honest and sincere society.

New Delhi – Based on the survey of Transparency International Organisation, India ranks first in Asia regarding bribery. The rate of bribery in India is at 39%.

Transparency International has noted the following points in its survey published in ‘Global Corruption Barometer – Asia’ –

  1. The results are based on organisation’s survey of 20,000 people from 17 countries during the period of June to September.
  2.  47% people think that corruption has increased in the past 12 months, while 63% think that the Government is performing well to fight corruption.
  3.  46% Indians use their personal relations to avail  Government facilities.
  4. Cambodia and Indonesia follow India in the list of bribery with the rates of 37% and 30% respectively.
  5. Maldives and Japan have the least bribery rates in Asia with 2% each. Transparency International did not include Pakistan in this survey.
  6.  According to the survey, every 3 out of 4 people experienced trouble due to corruption in  Government services, while 1 out of 3 people regards their representative as corrupt.