Not a ‘ Time Capsule’ but a copper plate to be placed under the Ram Temple ! – ShriRramjanmabhoomi Teerthakshetra Trust

General Secretary of ‘Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Shrine Trust’ Champat Rai

Ayodhya (U.P.) – The media had reported that a ‘Time Capsule’ is to be placed, two thousand feet under the Ram Temple plot. This appears to be incorrect. At the time of foundation, a copper plate will be placed under the Ram Mandir plot. This copper plate will have complete information about the Ram Temple, engraved on the plate. The General Secretary of  ShriRamjanmabhoomi Teerthakshetra Trust gave this clarification while speaking with the media. It is not right to call this copper plate as the Time Capsule. The copper plate will have the details of the Temple, Name, place, constellation, and the time etched in Sanskrit on it.