Wearing burqas banned in one State of Germany

Such a ban has been imposed by many European countries; why can India not do it ?

Berlin (Germany) – In Baden-Württemberg State, the Government has ordered a ban on wearing of burqas in Government schools. In addition, students wearing burqa will not be allowed enter schools.

Many Germans say that it is appropriate to ban the wearing of burqa in educational institutions, while some are worried that it can lead to negative consequences in society. In February this year, a 16-year-old student was not allowed entry in a school since she was wearing a hijab. When she challenged it in a court, the court rebuked the administration and gave a judgement favouring the student. In view of this, the State Government has legislated a law banning the wearing of burqa in schools.

In Schleswig-Holstein, adjacent to Baden-Württemberg, there was an attempt to ban wearing of burqa but the leftist Green Party there did not support it.