Karnataka’s Congress Govt changes school timings for Ramadan

School Timings Ramadan (Credits – Hindustan Times)

Bengaluru (Karnataka) –”In the wake of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the Congress Government of Karnataka has changed the school timings. Orders regarding ithave been given to the schools in the State. This will allow studies and prayers to continue simultaneously during the month of Ramadan,” said the Government-run Directorate of Urdu and Other Minority Language Schools. The decision aims to ensure that students do not miss out on their educational commitments while fulfilling their religious duties. Thisdirective was issued on March 6th itself.

1. This directive has been implemented to coincide with the duration of Ramadan, which spans from 11thMarch to 9thApril. Consequently, the adjustment in school timings will remain effective until 10thApril.

2. As per the official directive, schools will operate from 8 am to 12:45 pm, with a designated 15-minute break scheduled between 10 am and 10:15 am. It is noted that similar directives have been issued in the past also.

3. A conversation is underway on social media, highlighting contrasting developments in Karnataka. On one hand, reports of discrimination against Hindu students have surfaced, with instances where children are reportedly prohibited from reciting the Hanuman Chalisa. On the other hand, the adjustment of school timings has been made considering Ramadan.

4. On platform ‘X’, a user by the name of ‘Mr. Sinha’ posted that the school timings have been altered in Congress-ruled Karnataka due to Ramadan. Additionally, the Police, under the same Government, reportedly forcibly removed a 108-feet saffron Hanuman Dhwaja erected by Hindus in January. This incident occurred in Keragodu village, Mandya District of Karnataka.

Similar Order Implemented in Andhra Pradesh

In addition to Karnataka, the Andhra Pradesh School Education Department has also changed the timings for Urdu medium schools. In Andhra Pradesh, schools will operate from 8 am to 1.30 pm from 12thMarch to 10thApril. This decision comes in response to several demands made by the representatives of the Minority Teachers Association to the Government. This directive is applicable to Urdu medium primary, upper primary, higher secondary schools, as well as parallel sectionsthroughout the State. (Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy, a Christian, leads a Government whose sole agenda appears to be pandering to Christians and Muslims, a clear strategy of appeasement. – Editor)

Editorial Perspectives

  • The Congress, which vehemently opposes the previous BJP Government’s order prohibiting Muslim girls from wearing hijabs in schools, taking this step to appease Muslims, should hardly be surprising.
  • This act of altering schedules for the Muslim minority is indeed a blot on India’s secular system. However, this exactly represents the true (?) definition of Indian secularism.