Muslim youth poisons and kills a Hindu girl for refusing to convert to Islam

  • Love Jihad at Shahjahanpur (UP)
  • 2 Muslim youths arrested
  • Muslim youth trapped the Hindu girl by pretending to be a Hindu

(Credit : Hindu Post)

Shahjahanpur (UP) – Naved, a Muslim youth, pretended to be a Hindu and trapped a Hindu dalit girl into Love Jihad. He also impregnated her. Naved asked her to convert to Islam. When the girl refused to do so, he killed her by poisoning. Naved and his partner Farhan have been arrested by the Police. The girl was identified as Seema Gautam. She worked as a receptionist at a local hospital, where she met Naved. He trapped her into Love Jihad. They stayed as live-in partners for 1.5 years in a rented apartment. Seema’s brother has alleged that Naved and his partner made obscene videos of Seema and she was being forced for conversion using these videos. When Seema informed her family about this, Naved killed her by poisoning.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Anti-Love Jihad law exists in the State of UP; but the incidents of Love Jihad haven’t stopped. This calls for capital punishment for Love Jihad crimes.
  • Observe how India’s (so-called) secular political parties, their leaders, Human Rights Commission remain conveniently silent on such incidents !

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