Singers only move their lips instead of singing in programmes ! : Singer Palash Sen

Mumbai – Singer Palash Sen claimed in an interview that today’s singers, instead of singing in auditoriums, only move their lips while playing the songs in the background. Along with this, he also claimed that reality shows organised by television channels are staged and scripted.

Palash Sen, citing an example of a foreign singer, said that her shows used to be crowded, but when the audience noticed that she was not actually singing but only moving her lips, they threw eggs at her. 99% of singers in India do the same. I will not name them, but this is unfortunate. This is happening all over the world. These singers who mislead the audience are not honest with themselves. What more can be said than this ?

Reality shows are fake !

Palash Sen further said that I also did the reality shows, but I regret it. They are carried out according to the script, i.e., they’re staged. All these reality shows are fake. There is no reality in these reality shows. There are no emotions in these shows. They’re only a TV show and should be watched like a serial ‘Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. While working as a supervisor in a reality show, I had an argument with Daler Mehndi. He was talking based on a script, while I was trying to be real.

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